Introducing Baker River Valley Pine Paneling:
End-Matched Eastern White Pine in 5 Patterns and 2 Grades

For a beautiful finish to the walls or ceiling or your next project, choose Baker River Valley Pine Paneling. This end-matched Eastern White Pine pattern stock is available in Premium or Standard grade in the following patterns: WP4, ECB WP4, WP4 WP4, WP4 WP18 and Center Match. On any of the patterns with a WP4 face, we can add an end V.

Not only is Baker River Valley Pine Paneling an excellent value, it will save you time and money.

  • All boards are graded to ensure no defects need to be cut out during installation, thereby making it possible to eliminate practically all waste.
  • With end-matched boards, you don't have to butt the ends on a stud. The only piece you measure and cut is the last piece in the row—and then you can use the leftover piece of board can be used to start the next row.
  • Much of the measuring and cutting needed with traditional paneling is eliminated, so you can save 10–15% on materials and on labor.

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